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R&B TeknikTransfer HB,
Ormbergssvängen 19,
SE-724 62 Västerås, Sweden.
Phone: +46 21 134 157.
Fax: +46 21 136 692.
E-mail: mailbox@rb-teknik.se .
Web: www.rb-teknik.se.

R&B TeknikTransfer -
from beginning to end

R&B TeknikTransfer is a small specialist company with many strategic partners who all contribute with different skills to a complete range of services for information production.

Thanks to our formal and practical knowledge of technology and the business world, we can help with the substance of the matter from the start, not just the cosmetics of it at the end. This means that we do not have to be spoon-fed, that a simple specification of target audience and message is all we need to get started. From then on, we work alongside your own staff until the goal is reached.

But needless to say, we can also help with single tasks like writing, illustrating, photographing, designing, printing or translating. Or proofreading the material you produce yourself.

In other words, whenever you identify the need to reach out with information but do not have the resources required, then contact us. You are likely to be surprised at the ease and speed with which 'outsiders' can get the job done with the highest quality. Regardless of whether you need help with the entire production chain or with single links of it only.